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Causes, Effects & Prevention: Construction Accidents

Causes, Effects & Prevention Construction Accidents

Houston Construction Accident Lawyers comprehend the high risk involved in the everyday work of the construction workers. The construction workers work under a high degree of risk to their lives. Thus, it is the moral responsibility of the employer to ensure intact safety measures for each one.

A construction job is among the highest risk-associated jobs. Every fifth fatality at a workplace is from the construction site. The involvement of heavy machines poses a great threat to the workers. 

If you or your near one faces construction accidents, bank on our legal representatives. We can substantially negotiate your case to ensure an attractive compensation compared to the one offered by the workers’ board and the employer. 

To avoid construction accidents, the employer should arrange proper safety gear, and workers should follow measures strictly for everyone. Security should be the prime area of concern for everyone out there. Following the security norms ensure you won’t need any personal injury lawyer.

Accidents are unexpected events that can happen anywhere under any condition. Construction accidents are mainly the outcomes of the negligence of someone or carelessness.

What causes construction accidents?

Usually, four major reasons for construction accidents are electrocutions, falls, caught-in/between, and struck-bys. The reasons need thorough discussions so that the workers can prevent these. More debate can leave the personal injury attorney away.

Let’s discuss the key reasons for construction accidents.

Construction Fatal Four

According to OSHA, the fatal Four is the leading cause of construction site deaths. These causes are mentioned as follows:

1. Falls

Falls account for more than 36% of the fatalities at construction job sites. As an employer, one needs to provide the necessary safety equipment that can prevent falls from happening. The construction companies must consider it to ensure that they install and maintain the perimeter protection with the secured floor openings and follow the OSHA regulations. 

It must be made imperative for construction companies and employers to use OSHA-approved scaffoldings and ladders.

2. Struck by an Object

Struck-bys account for an estimated 10.1% of deaths because of swinging, falling or misplaced objects. It comes under the second most common cause of construction accidents. Construction sites are full of dangerous things that can lead to slipping and falling and cause severe injuries.

3. Electrocutions

Multiple factors are responsible for electrocutions on a construction site. It is the third most common cause of construction accidents. Unfinished electrical systems and open wiring can cause this type of accident, which are due to the negligence of someone.

Sometimes the workers work closely to such hazards or an unprotected outlet which can lead to the situations like electrocutions.

4. Caught-in between

The workers caught in or between the heavy machinery, tools or devices is one of the ‘fatal four’ reasons that cause construction site accidents and deaths. According to OSHA, the caught in-between accidents account for around 2.5% of the total deaths at construction sites. 

Apart from these four, some reasons can be held accountable for the construction site accidents and deaths, which are as follows:

  • Welding accidents
  • Heavy equipment accidents
  • Crane accidents
  • Fire and explosives
  • Power tool experiments
  • Toxic chemical exposure

These accidents are dangerous for the workers and for the company to become vulnerable. The production can get shut down as well.

Effects of construction site accidents

The effects of construction site accidents can be long-term on the victims. In case of personal injuries, a personal injury attorney can help to seek and get compensation. The repercussions of construction accidents can be social, economic and physical.

Physical effects: These effects involve the traumatic repercussions which make the person suffer and need medical aid. It involves the following conditions:

  • Excruciating pain 
  • Broken Bones
  • Amputated limbs
  • Death
  • Brain injuries
  • Long-term impairment
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Deafness
  • Blindness 

Societal effects: These repercussions involve the inability to get together, meet people at will and join social gatherings or parties. One can not count the societal consequences in terms of units. A Houston construction accident lawyer can make it count in a court of law.

Financial effects: The patient gets excruciating pain and gets admitted to the hospital. The medical bills start piling up. The probabilities of the surgical procedures are on the higher side. 

On the other hand, the loss of work stops the cash inflow. This way, a construction accident can break the financial health of a sound family.

In all these cases, the negligent should hold accountable. We make sure that you get compensated for all the sufferings you have been through. The role of a Houston construction accident lawyer is crucial in representing your case in a court of law.

Prevention of Construction Accident:

According to the National Center of Biotechnology Information, 71% of injuries are more likely at construction sites than in other industries.

You certainly need no data to believe the existence of potential hazards and dangers at a construction site. Can we make a risk-free environment at a construction site in this dreadful scenario?

Can we prevent construction site accidents completely? Of course not, but we can minimize the number of accidents and the intensity of damages to a certain extent.

Using some additional measures, we can make a construction site safer, with the most negligible potential hazards and risks.

Let’s gaze at the potential threats and preventive measures one can take to minimize the degree of risks associated with the place.

Use Personal Protective Equipment

It is highly advised to the employer to make it mandatory for everyone who works at the site to wear the PPE kits. Following it as a protocol can reduce the risks and their impact on lives and injuries.

For example, use safety shoes, helmets, and high-visibility clothes as a precautionary measure.

Take Rest

A construction site worker must hydrate with proper rest and eat between the long work schedules. This can revitalize the body to work efficiently. In-between short time intervals can help to focus and stay alert.

Safety Training

Communication is the key that can unlock every lock of problems and odd situations. Discussing the safety hazards can be the key that can help your worker understand possible threats and their intensity with the way to stay protected and alert.

Safety training, meetings, and communications can help the management understand the fundamental security issues and help the workers minimize their problems.

Mental Health

According to MATES in construction, one out of four workers at construction sites faces mental health issues. The work environment should be light and stress-free so that the workers can heal the pain of stress caused to each other and make a bond to synergize the efficiency and overall productivity at work.

Employ fall protection

Fall is one of the biggest reasons for construction site accidents. Unlocking this can save a lot of lives, money, and time. Employers should build some protective measures to bring in fall protection measures.

Do I need a Personal injury lawyer?

If you or your near one becomes a victim of such construction accidents, immediately consult a construction accident lawyer in Houston (if the accident happens in Houston).

We are renowned as the best construction accident attorney in Houston. We have a demonstrated history of proven methods and techniques where we have won cases. 

We are skilled in representing your case, negotiating with the insurance adjuster and convincing the jury that you deserve the maximum compensation for all the pain and loss of quality of life due to someone else’s negligence.

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