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Common Reasons for Fatal Truck Accidents 

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Houston is a town known for its overcrowded roads and the most populous Harris County. Numerous freeways, highways, and interstate highways make it a logistic hub of the nation, with multiple large trucks and other delivery vehicles which passes through the city. Regularly, large trucks travel across the port of Houston with large containers carrying materials of varied use.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data, truck accidents cause around 4,000 fatalities, and about 95000 injuries happen annually. The clean roads, big trucks, and increasing traffic cost the US a lot in fatal truck accidents.
Why do truck accidents happen in Houston?

The size and weight of the humongous trucks can cause accidents that are more fatal for other travellers. According to the government bodies, in the year 2020, more than 581 people lost their lives. The refining industry also is responsible for the significant truck movement throughout the town for the smooth functioning of the process from extraction to delivery.

Which are the most common reasons for fatal truck accidents?

One of the main reasons for fatal truck accidents in Houston is distracted driving. The random phone calls, messages, and a gaze at the mobile is the biggest reason the driver loses control over the heavy trucks.

Most of the time, the driver comes under the drowsy effect or feels fatigued, which may cause accidents that the driver could have avoided.

Over speeding and not obeying the traffic laws is one reason which contributes the most towards the accidents. Controlling the speed and following the traffic rules can prevent accidents.

The influence of liquor or other drugs can impact the driver to lose control and extend the time to respond to any particular situation. Avoiding such stuff can prevent accidents in a big way and save money and quality of life.

Most of the time, the truck drivers do not check on the defective truck equipment, which may be another crucial reason for the accidents. Sometimes, road conditions, extreme weather conditions, and improperly maintained vehicles may result in fatal accidents.
Apart from all the reasons, trucks are large and heavy machines weighing around 80,000 pounds. These substantial size trucks and the weight of the big trucks force humongous.

This size and weight can cause fatalities to the passengers of the small vehicles. Some trucks need a safer distance to stop and avoid a collision. Large commercial trucks become heavily responsible for the accidents.

How to avoid truck accidents?

Usually, most big trucks are unavoidable, but considering some of the points can avoid truck accidents. It is always good to maintain a safe distance between two vehicles and even more in the case of trucks and trailers or other commercial vehicles. The driver should use the lane change signals in case of changing the lane on the highways. The driver should slow down the speed in case of bad weather. The drivers should dim the bright halogenic lights at night or in bad weather.

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