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Road accidents are one of the most dreadful things one can experience. It is painful to watch someone with excruciating pain and d trauma. It is even difficult to treat the accident victim with broken bones and worse injuries. 

One of the most complicated and painful injuries we know is a brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries are one of the most crucial cases to establish in a court of law because the complications aren’t visual to the jury. 

As a Houston Brain Injury Attorney, we have developed a process that can win you the case. Connect with a brain injury lawyer.

How to deal with a brain injury after an accident?

More than 2 million people need immediate medical support on an emergency basis. These injuries may result in disabilities and fatalities. According to the stats, more than 380,000 residents of Texas suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) annually. Head injury can be prolonged and cause consequences of a lifetime.

If you or your loved ones suffered the same due to someone else’s negligence, contact a TBI attorney in Houston that can bring justice and compensation to secure your future.

What is a head injury?

In a nutshell, it is a “trauma to the scalp, skull or brain.” It is known as a traumatic brain injury or TBI when it impacts the brain. One can segment Head Trauma according to the type of injury, the severity of the injury, and the affected parts of the head and brain. The brain’s normal functioning is crucial because it controls other body parts’ cognitive and emotional reactions.

The skull is made up of bones. It functions to cradle the brain, which is delicate. The head injuries can be close or open.

If something hits the brain, but the skull is safe, it is a closed head injury in an accident. If the object breaks the skull, it is an open head injury.

A severe head injury may lead to:

• Cognitive impairment
• Paralysis
• Concussion
• Wrongful death
• Skull fracture
• Loss of consciousness

A traumatic brain injury is of mild, moderate, and severe types:

Mild TBI: A period that lasts for 30 minutes with lost consciousness, disorientation, or confusion.
Moderate TBI: If the period of unconsciousness lasts up to 6 hours, with some degree of memory loss, it is called Moderate TBI.
Severe TBI: Long-lasting unconsciousness or a comatose state with significant cognitive impairment is known as severe TBI.

Long term effects of TBI

Traumatic Brain Injuries include a range of injuries from mild concussions to life-threatening brain injuries. If you or your loved one sustains a traumatic brain injury because of the negligent mistakes of someone else, you should file a compensation claim. 

We can help you find the valid grounds to file a claim and get you the compensation that is your right. 

Connect with us to know more about the process.

We help you file a claim.

The accidents or the intentional torts that cause a brain injury can result in devastation and significant pain to the victim and his family. The brain injury can cause physical pain and abnormalities, but it may also lead to a life-long recovery period. It may hamper the ability to work and sustain the work-life balance.

We help you find out whether you have a valid claim and, if yes, help you file a claim and fight for your right to compensation. You needn’t suffer for the negligent mistakes of others.

To know the process and steps to file a claim, call us to speak to one of the best brain injury lawyer Houston.

Find out whether you have a basis for making a claim or not.

To put up a case against someone for brain injuries, you need to find out whether you have a valid claim or not? If you have done something that caused you, the brain injuries can get you nothing. Like you drink and drive and run into a pole or tree or tripped over your own feet and hit your head, or you slip and fall and injure your head to cause brain injury, cannot get you the compensation.

If someone else caused you to get a brain injury, you likely have a solid basis for a compensation claim.

What can I seek compensation for?

You can claim for the damages you suffered after a brain injury. Some of these are:

•  Medical bills
•  Lost wages
•  Psychological and  physical therapy costs
•  Short term / long term expenses
•  Pain & sufferings

Contact the best traumatic brain injury lawyer in Houston

If you or any of your loved ones is a victims of a traumatic head injury due to someone else’s negligence, contact the best Houston brain injury attorney. Houston car accident lawyers will help you get the maximum compensation for the pain and sufferings you suffer.
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