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We are here to help you with the legal remedies for all the injuries and the traumatic situation you have been through. The easy and smooth transportation facilities lead to the increasing speed of motor vehicles. The fast pace of cars is the biggest reason for car accidents.

Car accidents result in severe and fatal injuries. Thus a change in physical health leads to emotional, social, and financial disturbance. Our Houston Car Accident lawyer can help you with expertise, negotiation skills, ease of dealing with insurance companies, and convincing skills.

Proving Negligence in a Car Accident Claim

Car accidents are always daunting. The injuries and the fatalities can be more worrisome to regular travelers.

According to the government agency in Texas, 20,160 people died in the first half of 2021 across Texas. Out of these, 330 deaths were reported in Houston. Seventy-five thousand three hundred thirty-six crashes were reported in Houston.

Driver distraction was one of the primary reasons for the accidents. Speed was another reason that cost people their lives. One thousand five hundred twenty-two people died because of over-speeding.

Not wearing a seat belt is a reason that cost the lives of 1,219 people in Texas in the last year.

According to the governing authorities in Texas, after 1981, 2021 was the second deadliest year on roads in Texas.

The numbers are horrific, the situation is worrisome, and the people are not obeying the rules of the law to drive carefully. This situation is even daunting for those who managed to survive but develop injuries. These personal injuries cost them a lot of money, mental trauma to the family, excruciating pain, and loss of pay from the workplace.

The responsible culprit should pay for all the medical bills, hospitalization charges, and remedial procedures. At our law firm, we ensure that the car accident victim gets justice in the form of future-securing compensation.

We understand the condition of the victim’s family. We ensure you get relieved from the mental trauma of the accident. We proceed the case forward with the help of our experienced and skilled Pearland texas car accident lawyers.

Common Types of car accidents in Houston

Head-On Collision

This is one of the most severe accidents on the road where two vehicles collide from the front. The driver’s negligence is the leading cause of these accidents, which may include:

•  Drunk driving
•  Failure to pay attention to the road signs
•  Wrong side driving
•  Distracted driving
•  The people who avoid wearing seatbelts are in danger.

Please Remember: Always buckle up while driving or riding a car.

Rear-End Crashes
Rear-end collisions are another common type of road accident in Houston. These accidents occur because the driver in the back fails to stop. These crashes are the results of:

• Over speeding
• Distracted driving
• Improper lane change

These accidents may force the front driver to develop whiplash and other catastrophic injuries like spinal cord injuries and brain injuries.

Side Impact Collision

These accidents are often known as ‘T-bone’ accidents. Side impact collisions occur at the intersections where the crash happens at the right angle between the vehicles at a right angle. The factors that commonly cause a side-impact hit may include:

•  Over speed
•  Drunk driver
•  Failure to stop at the intersection
•  Slippery road
•  Distracted driving

Sideswipe Accidents

It may seem similar but is different from a side-impact collision. In this type of accident, the side of one vehicle comes into contact with another vehicle’s side. These accidents happen due to changes in lanes.

Unsafe lane changes account for more than 41 thousand accidents in 2019 in Houston. After speeding and driver inattention, dangerous change in lanes was the leading cause of accidents in Texas in 2019.

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What to do after a car accident in Houston?

What to do after a car accident is a question that matters after a car accident. The solution to this question is described in the following:

Report n Call 911: This is the first and foremost thing at an accident site. The police can proceed with the legally appropriate action and arrange some medical aid with the ambulance and other crucial assistance.

Gather information: This is crucial to gather information about the colliding driver, the insurance company, and the witness’s testimonials. The more pictures and contact details you collect will solidify your case in the court of law.

Visit a doctor: Post collection of the necessary information, visit the doctor to have a detailed investigation of the injuries. Some injuries tend to develop after a few hours/days that may last longer. The medical report is a vital parameter to consider while negotiating with the insurance company and in a court of law.

Insurance company: It is equally imperative to report the accident to the insurance company to discuss the compensation. It is essential to report the accident to the insurance company as early as possible.

Lawyer: A lawyer is someone who fights for your right. The Pearland car accident attorney is regarded as the best accident attorney in Houston.

File: The documents are crucial to present the case adequately and win the case in the court of law. Houston vehicle accident attorneys can do it on your behalf.

Trial: The trial is the last step to fair and appropriate compensation. The prosecution is optimal only with the selection of the car accident attorney. Hire a Houston car accident lawyer to secure your future with a good amount.

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What compensation is available after a car accident?

The compensation is available in some sections only in a car accident. The compensation can be awarded only to the following:

Damage to the property: If your property is damaged by a car accident, you are entitled to seek compensation.
Surgical Costs: If the injuries are so severe that you need to undergo a surgical procedure, the surgery cost can be paid as compensation.

Pain & Suffering: If the car accident can cause you pain & suffering, you will be awarded fair and appropriate compensation.

Loss of employment: Employment is crucial for a secured future. Suppose the car accident can cause the loss of employment. In that case, the compensation is the right to safeguard the people’s future.

Lost wages and potential earnings: The compensation is crucial if the victim faces a situation in which the lost wages and potential earnings.

Medical Expenses: The medical expenses are the result of the car accident. Hence, the victim can meet the medical costs with the appropriate compensation.

Why do you need Houston car accident lawyer?

The car accident attorney is here to help. The experienced legal professional will provide you with compensation, along side the following things:

Documents and Evidence: The accident lawyer in Houston can document and collect appropriate evidence from solidifying the case to ensure that you get all of your damages paid.

Prepare the appropriate claim: It might sound challenging to prepare a proper claim as a victim. A car accident lawyer in Houston deals with all such things regularly. They are the experts in designing an appropriate amount of claim.

Proper Preparation: The car accident attorney in Houston can prepare appropriately on your behalf.

Injuries and Damages: The injuries and damages cost a lot. A car lawyer is the one who can get you the appropriate claim.

Settlement Offers: The compensation is that one can feel helpless without a car accident attorney in Texas. A lawyer can deal with the insurance and the other stakeholders to discuss and settle a fair amount.

Claim against an Insurer: The claim against an insurer is a challenging task for a victim. The car accident lawyer in Houston, Texas, can discuss, argue, and win against the settlement claims of an insurer.

Choose the best accident attorney in Houston:

If you or any of your loved ones met with a car accident, connect with the car accident attorney in Houston with no delay. The earlier you call the better for your case. Insurance companies can spoil your case if you do not consult with the best lawyer in Houston for car accidents.

Call us for the hassle-free process of timely justice and fair settlement. We help you get timely justice.


Common Car Accident Questions

The first thing is to call the police, visit a clinician for an injuries report and click the images of the damage you suffer as much as possible with collecting the statements of the witnesses with the identity and address details. After that, inform the insurance agent and connect with your lawyer.

We are experienced and skilled attorneys. We are a team of tough negotiators for insurance companies and can easily convince the jury in your favor.

It is crucial to choose an personal injury attorney who can win you the case. To find out who can get it done in your favor, follow some of the checklist points:

1. Check the track record of the attorney
2. What does the attorney charge
3. Are they good in negotiations and
4. Are they local and
5. The reviews about them.

It becomes easier to select the most appropriate attorney for your car accident case considering the points mentioned above.

In Texas, you have 2 years from the accident date to file a lawsuit.

The insurance companies play some dirty trick to trick you into a low settlement or non-settlement. These tricks include stalling, offering false sympathy, spying, and lying. These companies can do these tricks to befool you and slash down the compensation amount.

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