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Construction accidents cost more than a thousand lives in the US. In monetary terms, it costs the economy more than USD 5 billion. With these daunting figures and facts, one needs to ensure that the occupational safety measures are intact and sound. Construction accidents can be life-threatening and can result in some long-term injuries. 

For all these construction workers, we offer legal remedies to experience the best possible solutions to rebuild a life, again, with the help of compensation.

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Types of Construction Accidents

According to the Bureau of Labor Safety, The total number of deaths of construction workers was more than one thousand in the year 2019. The cost to the economy is also as high as more than USD 5 billion.

The high degree of risks associated with the construction jobs owes the employers a sense of duty of care to keep the employees safe. Construction injuries can result from employer negligence, mistakes, and other factors.

The most common types of construction accidents can involve:

Rest is crucial in between the heavy tasks. Employers should use the POMODORO technique with the people at work to avoid drowsiness or exhaustion. Workers can get injured because of overexertion, spinal disc injuries, and bone fractures.

Construction accidents are dreadful. If any of your close ones come across this fearful accident, make sure that he gets justice for all the injuries and painful sufferings. Connect with us to get the appropriate legal remedies. We ensure you reshape your life again.

The causes of construction accidents:

Construction sites are prone to accidents. The site has various accidents, causing things like heavy building materials, open structures, and open wires to cause severe accidents despite following the safety protocols.

The government bodies make and enforce the safety guidelines. The construction companies either do not arrange the safety measures or avoid the stringent safety measures. The companies are negligent in implementing the safety requirements.

The contractors are responsible for providing the appropriate safety measures that ensure safety at a construction site. The companies are obliged to coordinate the safety measures at the job, check if all the safety measures are followed or not, and warn of possible hazards on the site.

We enlist some of the prominent causes of the construction accident injuries:

Falls: Falling from the building’s scaffolding, ladders and roofs can cause injuries that may turn up being fatal. Falling from the height is one of the biggest reasons for construction accidents and high fatalities.

Electrocution: The open wiring can make a construction site more prone to potential accidents. The overhead power lines and loose wires can lead to severe accidents by causing electrocution injuries like burns and death.

Caught between: OSHA refers to the caught between as the incident that involves a worker between objects or moving equipment. Caught between happens because of the walls, trucks, and other structures. These incidents can result in broken bones or even death.

Falling Objects: The construction workers may come in contact with the falling objects from above and may get injured. The falling objects may cause head injuries, brain injuries, and even death.

Equipment-related accidents: Heavy machines used at construction sites also contribute to the increasing number of injured and dead workers. Sometimes the malfunction of the equipment can also cause workers to get injured. It may happen because of a faulty design or manufacturing, and under the product liability act, you can get compensation with the help of a product liability lawyer in Houston.

Strike-bys: The incidents involving a working person getting struck by an object are known as “strike by.” Workers may get hit by objects or building materials like beams and tools.

What to do after a construction accident?

1. Get immediate medical help after meeting with a construction accident.
2.After getting appropriate medical help, connect with the employer immediately to seek the benefits of accident policy by the employer.
3.After this step, look for the paperwork from the division of the worker’s compensation.
4.Keep all the medical appointments.
5.Know your right as a worker at a place.
6.Connect with us to get your right of fair compensation.

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