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Facts and Figures: Annual Wrongful Deaths in Houston

According to a Houston Chronicle analysis, Houston has the ‘most deadly metro area in the US for drivers, passengers and people in their path.’

With the most dangerous roads in the nation, Houston accounts for many annual wrongful deaths in the US.

Have a look at the daunting stats that clears the picture:

From 2020 to 2021, Texas experienced an increase in deadly crashes. Further studying the pattern and nature of road crashes reveals a clear vision.

4,480 died in fatal traffic crashes, which accounts for a toll of 4,110 accidents in the year 2021. 3,932 people lost their lives in 3,578 fatal accidents across Texas in the previous year. An increase of 14% is significantly high.

In Houston, wrongful deaths were as high as 330 in 2021 compared to 275 in 2020. This shows a 20% increase in traffic deaths.

Across Texas, 632,985 is the number of overall crashes in 2021. Houston experienced 75,336 hits in 2021.

Houston is the largest city in Texas by population and area. Houston recorded the most number of deaths in Texas compared to the other cities in Texas.

Houston is the largest city in Texas by population and area. Houston recorded the most number of deaths in Texas compared to the other cities in Texas.

5 of the most common causes of wrongful deaths in Houston

Wrongful deaths are a severe concern for the civil authorities and the transportation department. Looking at the prime causes of the wrongful deaths, we find out the reasons as follows:

Defective Products: The consumer trusts the seller of the products as trustworthy and reliable (until he falls in an accident). The manufacturer delivers faulty products in the market. These defective products and spare parts of the vehicles cause road accidents.

Car Accidents: The car accident accounts for a significant part of the wrongful deaths in Houston. Car accidents result from careless driving by not paying proper attention to the road, speeding, drunk driving, following other vehicles closely, and distracted driving may cost people valuable lives.

Pedestrian and Cycling: Pedestrians and cyclists are the most vulnerable on the road. The safety a vehicle offers to its riders is not available to the pedestrian or the cyclist. These bear a much higher risk of being fatally injured in an accident that further lead to death.

Workplace Accidents: Working at construction sites, mining, oil and gas refineries, and manufacturing units possess dangerous conditions to work. The workers rely on the employer to provide safe and secure work zones, in the absence of which the employees lose their lives because of the carelessness of the employer.

Medical Negligence: Healthcare Professionals, nurses, and other paramedic staff have a duty to care for ill patients. The medical profession is one of the most respected and appreciated for the degree of devotion and care.

Some nurses and clinicians fail to understand the hardships of healthcare professionals behind the glory of this much-appreciated profession. They use some of the malpractices that lead to the fatalities and account for a significant part of the wrongful deaths.

Truck Accidents: Truck accidents are another reason for the wrongful deaths in Houston. Truck accidents are hard-to-survive because of the immense size and speed of the truck.

Who can file a wrongful death claim in Houston, Texas?

In the city of Texas, the surviving family members of the victim can file a wrongful death claim. The people who can file the wrongful death claim in Houston, Texas, are the deceased person’s spouse, children, and parents. The siblings are not included in the list.

How long can I file a wrongful death lawsuit?

The time allotted to file a wrongful death claim is two years if you have lost a loved one and seek justice. In Houston, Texas, the limitation is of two years.

If you fail to file a claim within the timeframe, the court may likely refuse to hear your plea.

The defining quality comes down to who was the person or entity responsible for causing the wrongful death. Whether it was by virtue of deliberate malice or pure negligence, anyone who was party to the wrongful death of another person may be held responsible for the life of the deceased.

Which are the damages awarded in a wrongful death case?

You can seek damages for the following cases that include:

•  Funeral & Burial Costs
•  Medical Bills
•  Lost wages
•  The deceased’s pain & suffering
•  Loss of household services
•  Loss of earned income
•  Loss of companionship


Do I need a wrongful death attorney Houston TX to file and fight my case?

The complexities of the wrongful death case make it challenging to file, fight and win a wrongful death claim case without an experienced Houston Wrongful Death Attorneys. The lawyer can facilitate enormous things for you.

If you feel like hiring someone who can document all the evidence and proofs on your behalf, hire a Houston wrongful death lawyer. If you want someone who can present himself with his entire experience and skills in a court of law, hire a wrongful death attorney in Houston at the Houston car accident lawyers firm.

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