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Have you come across any accidents? If yes, connect with Houston personal injury attorney for help at 346-233-1350. The personal injury attorney from our side can present your case to protect your legal interests and fight to get you the compensation you deserve. We are qualified and can help you fight for justice in a court of law.

We can help you after an accident in Texas.

The person responsible for the injuries you suffer should bear the financial loss because of the accident. You should ignore the insurance companies and their malpractices but your recovery and overall health. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Choose a Houston personal injury attorney that can:

•  Handle all paperwork, communications, and negotiations on your behalf.
•  Investigate the accident and gather evidence.
•  Work with the top experts to interpret the evidence and offer expert testimony that establishes negligence and fault.
• Offer legal advice and guidance you need.
• Accurately value your overall damages.

Houston, Texas accident statistics

2021 witnessed 632,985 overall accidents in Texas 2021.
Of these, 4,110 fatal accidents and 4,480 people died in these accidents.
The transportation department registered a 14% increase from the previous year.
The state crash data report a 20% increase in the death toll.
The rise of 87,000 accidents in the prior year is significantly high (15.9%).
Houston – 75,336 accidents in 2021 and 65,912 accidents in 2020.
Houston recorded the highest number of deaths in 2021 across Texas.
Houston experienced 275 deaths in 2020 whereas 330 in 2021.

7 Questions you should ask your injury attorney

If you met with an accident, you should seek help from an experienced personal injury attorney. Even if the accident seems straightforward and minor, you should contact a seasoned personal injury lawyer to get fair compensation for all the injuries and damages.

These are some of the following questions you should ask a Pearland personal injury lawyer before hiring them.

1. Are you experienced in handling this kind of case? 

Personal injury is a comprehensive section. Some lawyers prefer to specialize in a niche to become experts. Some law firms are renowned for motor vehicle accidents, including car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents.

Some other firms specialize in medical malpractice and may even employ a medical doctor to have a sharp eye on the cases.

Despite the kind of injury you sustain, make sure that your attorney is experienced enough to fight your case in the right spirits.

2. Do you practice any other type of law?

Personal injury cases are highly rewarding. This section falls under the highest paying type of law. Being a lucrative domain, it also attracts some criminal lawyers.

On the contrary, it is complicated as well. Someone who isn’t a specialist, in this case, may fall into trouble, and your case is gone. Make sure that your Houston Car Accident Lawyers is an expert in personal injury cases only.

3. How much do you charge to fight a case?

The majority of the personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee. That means they will not charge anything as an upfront fee. They prefer collecting a percentage of the total compensation, minus case fees, and other expenses.
That means the maximum compensation is what their interest lies in. nonetheless, make sure that your attorney is not taking an unreasonable fee.

4. Will I deal with you or with your staff?

It is very irritating to know that after hiring a personal injury lawyers in Houston texas, the calls and emails are responded to by a staff member. While some other firms have dedicated staff members to communicate with the client, make sure that you set your expectation clear to the attorney on this part.

5. What is my case worth?

A personal injury attorney can respond with an accurate estimate of the case’s worth. A skilled attorney reaches out to a renowned accident recreationist and a medical doctor before giving you an assessment of the case.

6. Can you handle my case now?

Law firms can have solo practitioners to sizeable limited liability corporations having dozens of attorneys on the board.
Most states have a short stature of limitation, so you need a lawyer who can move fast and promptly start working on your personal injury case.

7. Experience is the Key: Hire an experienced one

Some of the lawyers in their career find it lucrative to switch to the personal injury domain of their practice and start practicing it. Some others work as personal injury lawyers and learn the basics with the time. This makes them skilled and experienced to move things in your favor.

Therefore, always ask your attorney about their experience before hiring them.

How to find the right Personal injury lawyer?
Finding the right personal injury lawyer in Houston is a tricky challenge. The following steps may help you find a good attorney in Houston to work and win the case for you.

Jot down your criteria

The first thing you need to do is list down your criteria on a piece of paper that includes the attorney’s experience, whether he is licensed and board-certified or not, will he be accessible or not, and so on. These things make the process of selecting a lawyer easier.

Make a list of lawyers.
The next part of the process is to make a list of lawyers available. The method includes asking for referrals and checking the directories. You can even take help from the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Shortlist them

Based on the bio and websites of the lawyers, shortlist them. Check the state bar association and read the reviews for shortlisting them.

Call the lawyers’ offices.
Try to fix a meeting with the shortlisted lawyers.

Finalize a contract
After meeting with some of the lawyers, finalize the contract and let your attorney get to work for you.

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