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All the businesses wish an increased footfall. The incoming footfall brings a sense of responsibility. This sense in legal terminology is called a ‘call of duty.’ The businesses are responsible for the well-being of the coming customers and the invitees inside their business premises.

All public businesses are responsible for making sure their premises are safe for shoppers and visitors.

The working staff at the business must follow the protocols to inspect the entire premises and address the risks that may lead to injuring people. This involves cleaning up the spills, warnings for the wet floors, and repairing broken stairs with promptly taking care of any hazardous condition.

Many businesses avoid this primary care, leading to more slip and fall accidents.

If any of your near ones have met with a slip and fall accident, contact us to file a rightful compensation.

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Houston Slip and Fall Lawyers

Why should you choose Houston slip and fall lawyers?

Slip and fall accidents are difficult to win. These cases are complex, and businesses hire expensive legal teams to handle the victims. The businesses may blame the victims for being clumsy or not watching the steps.

In case of slip and fall accidents, the attorneys get to the root cause of the accident. Usually, the safety issues on the premises and the business are responsible. Slip and fall cases are difficult to pursue. You need three basic things to win a case in the slip and fall category, which are as follows:

• The business owner knew the safety hazards at the premises.
• The business failed to address the dangerous condition or put warnings.
• The safety hazards at the premises caused the accident.

Slip and fall accidents are dangerous. It becomes more severe when an older individual slip and falls. The seniors are at a high risk of severe injuries.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall

For your slip and fall injuries, you tend to seek compensation. These slips and fall accidents can get you compensation, but you need to prove that the other party is at fault and its negligence caused your accident. This negligence involves:

•  The business has a property with a duty of care to keep the premises safe.
•  The business fails to keep the property safe and breaches the duty of care.
•  The safety hazard resulted in the slip and fall accident.
•  The accident leads to damages, including medical bills, lost income, and other mental trauma.

Some of the conditions that lead to the slip and fall accidents are:

•  Wet/slippery floor
•  Stray wires/cords
•  Missing/broken stairs
•  Slippery carpet/floor
•  Slick ramp/stairs
•  Not putting a warning for the known hazards

Slips and falls are considered minor accidents. Falls can be dangerous to the human body. Falls can result in broken bones, brain injury, or more fatal injuries. You need an experienced slip and fall attorney for all the damages and impacts.

We can help you seek appropriate and maximum compensation for your claim. Our legal experts can comprehend the pain and suffering you have been through and offer legal help for the pain and financial loss you bear.

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The injuries from slips and falls may include:

•  Fractured and broken bones
•  Traumatic brain injuries
•  Neck and back injuries
•  Spinal cord injuries
•  Soft tissue injuries

The injuries, as mentioned earlier, are some of those life-threatening injuries resulting from slip and fall injuries. The other significant damages (apart from injuries) may include:

•  Medical bills
•  Lost wages
•  Emotional trauma
•  Temporary/permanent disabilities
•  Physical pain and other minor personal injuries

How do we prevent falls from slips and trips?

Preventing falls from slips and trips is crucial to avoid injuries and financial damages. About 12% of all injury claims are from slip-and-fall accidents. The businesses need to use appropriate, non-slip flooring material and provide proper lighting to prevent falls.

The business needs to keep good practices which are as follows:

•  Clean all the spills and debris immediately
•  Mark/identify the spills and wet areas.
•  Keep the footpaths/walkways clear of clutter and other obstacles.
•  Close the file cabinets and storage drawers.
•  Cover the cords and cables in open spaces.

Apart from this, the visitors must select the appropriate type of footwear and wear the same:

Use the footwear to address the hazards of the premises and keep the shoes in good repair and keep them clean and free from contaminants.

How to reduce the risk of slipping and tripping:

For slipping:

•  Go slow and pay attention to where you are heading.
•  Place foot firmly and flat on the floor.
•  Adjust the stride that is suitable for a walking surface.
•  Mark wide turns at the corners.
•  Walk with the feet pointed straight outward.

For tripping:

•  Keep the floor in good, clean condition.
•  Use a flashlight if you are entering a dark zone.
•  Don’t allow the objects to block your step.
•  Keep the walking area clean from clutter and obstructions.
•  Use sufficient light for the tasks.

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