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Texas is the most prone to truck accidents in the US. The state witnessed a total of 513 accidents in commercial vehicle accidents. In those crashes, 581 people lost their lives. Last year, Texas saw 32,562 accidents that involved commercial trucks. Across the states in the US, Texas accounts for 13% of the accidents.

Ironically, 97% of all the deaths in a trucking accident were passenger vehicle occupants.

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What are the potential causes of a truck accident in Houston?

The causes may vary from one trucking company to another. However, the significant common challenges faced by the truck drivers and trucking companies are as follows that may lead to an accident:

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Driver Fatigue: One of the most common causes of truck accidents is driver fatigue. An under-rest driver can lead to the way of an accident.

11-Hour Driving Limit: After 11 long hours of driving, the driver must have 9 hours of rest off-duty before driving away.

14-Hour Duty: 10 hours of rest must be taken after 14 hours of duty time.

60/70 Hour Limit: the truck drivers shouldn’t be working without weekly off.

Improper Safety Inspections: The trucks should be thoroughly checked before any long (or short) trip.

Checklist before a long trip:

•  Air Lines and compressor
•  Axles
•  Lights
•  Steering
•  Wheels and tires
•  Fuel system
•  Brakes
•  Safety equipment
•  Coupling devices
•  Numerous other equipment

Regulation Violation: The violation of the prescribed regulation is another reason for the increasing number of truck accidents in Houston, Texas.

Substance Use: The use of prohibited substances like alcohol and other intoxicating substances can delay the reflexes and increase the response time. Thus, the driver cannot figure out where he needs to use the brakes, leading the truck to an unavoidable accident.

Distraction: The distraction by the cell phones, radios, eating and searching the direction can lead to the accidents. The drivers should avoid these things.

Speed: One of the leading causes of avoidable truck accidents is a driver rushing too fast.

truck accident

Houston and semi-truck accidents: Have a Glimpse:

Houston witnesses the most semi-truck accidents in the state of Texas each year. Houston is the deadliest city in the county for fatal trucking accidents. In 2020, Houston experienced over 2,835 injury accidents. According to the government reports, Houston had:

•  46 deaths
•  41 fatal truck accidents
•  121 serious injuries
•  2,668 other injuries or suspected injuries.

Are truck accident cases as simple as that of a car wreck?

No. Truck accidents are not as simple as that a car wreck. Three different factors can understand the complexity of a truck accident.

First, the weight of the humongous truck causes astronomical injuries to those who become victims of this accident compared to a car accident. Second, the stake for the insurance companies and the trucking companies is crucial. The compensation fight in a court of law is inevitable in severe injuries and cases of wrongful deaths. Third, the evidence needs to prove liability, including several facets that are not the case in a simple car wreck case.

The truck accident investigation is more extensive and detailed than a car accident. The trucking collision is more dreadful. The truck crash needs an expert truck accident attorney with a proven track record of fighting truck accident cases.

Houston car accident lawyers are a team of seasoned and skilled truck accident lawyers in Houston who are tough negotiators. They can help you with their expertise and skills of a truck wreck lawyer in Houston, Tx. Houston truck accident injury attorney have not lost a single case and amassed a substantial multi-million dollar settlement for their clients.

Which are the top ten states for fatal truck accidents?

•  Texas
•  California
•  Florida
•  Pennsylvania
•  Georgia
•  Ohio
•  North Carolina
•  Oklahoma
•  Illinois
•  Indiana

Which are the common types of Truck accidents in Houston?

Truck accidents may occur because of any reason. Some trucking companies avoid the basic norms of maintenance, and that negligence leads to accidents. Drivers are equally responsible for inadequate rest and driving while feeling drowsy

These are the most common types of truck accidents:

This is the accident that happens when an 18-wheeler truck skids so that the trailer swings out and forms a 90-degree angle with the truck. The accident looks like a jackknife. That is why it is known as a jackknife accident. The sharp turn can result in Jackknife accidents on the roads. These types of accidents are common in Houston and result in severe injuries.

The truck rolls over onto its side because the driver loses control of the truck. Overspeeding is one of the primary reasons, especially if a driver is driving fast and the roads are wet, it may cause rollovers.

Tire Blowout
It is not so common but happens when a damaged tire succumbs to too much air. Blowouts result from overloading a truck, slow loss of air pressure from a puncture, and rapid air loss from severe cuts or impact damage.

The most common form of underride accident is when a smaller vehicle crashes into the side or back of a tractor-trailer. The smaller vehicle will slide underneath the truck and cause a collision between the two vehicles.
The percentage of underride accidents in the trucking industry is roughly the same as overall insurance claims and around 0.5%, while on average 1,000 people die in a motor vehicle crash each year in Houston, Texas. Underride accidents have been reported to have claimed the lives of over 30 people each year who were struck by large vehicles going under smaller vehicles.

Lost Load:
The trucks with improperly secured loads can cause them to fall off, resulting in extreme danger for the following vehicles. This type of accident happens with speeding vehicles.

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