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Truck Accidents: Insights, and Facts You Won’t Find Easily!!

Truck accidents insights, and facts you won't find easily!!

A town with the most culturally and ethnically co-existing diverse groups, high-speed motorways, the world’s busiest airports and a population of more than 2 million people, a commercial hub with more than a dozen fortune 500 companies, the world’s biggest medical center, and a crucial space center– all this makes what Houston is – A town with more than anything. 

Houston is a significant contributor in offering logistic support to the states. It has become a City with more than three interstate highways. This passage makes it problematic for the residents with a high rush on the roads with loads of heavy trucks. 

Trucks are heavy transport vehicles with the heavy carriage. The speedy motorways make it highly vulnerable to high-speed and oversized trucks. Sometimes slippery roads and sharp turns also contribute to scary road accidents.

Houston has become the epicenter of truck accidents with the deadliest truck accidents. Commercial trucks contribute to the nation’s GDP by maintaining the supply chain efficiently but safely. Truck accidents can lead to injuries for which you may require to hire Attorney in Houston.

The truck accident stats make it scary. According to TxDOT, 2021 was the second most deadly year on the road in the last 4 decades. For instance, have a look at the truck accident stats in Texas:

In 2020, 513 fatal truck accidents resulted in 581 deaths, 1245 serious injuries, and 7342 non-incapacitating injuries. Out of the deaths, more than 97% of people are passenger vehicle occupants.

Why does Texas have the maximum truck accidents in the USA?

Houston and Texas are at the top with maximum truck accidents with the maximum number of fatalities. The dependence on the trucking industry sometimes costs us the lives of the travelers, including that of the truck drivers as well.

With 9 billion barrels of proven oil reserves and 30 oil refineries, Texas rules the economy of oil in the US. For the extraction to delivery of the oil products, trucks are needed (in abundance).

The common causes of truck accidents in Texas are not very rare of the rarest breed. 

Driving has a simple single law to follow, and that is:

‘Follow traffic rules and drive with a focus on the road.’ 

Sometimes the drivers forget this simple rule which is universal to all the locations and roads in the world. Let’s gaze at the most common causes of road accidents, which are as follows:

Distracted Driving: Driving needs focus and attention on the road. You might be driving right, but anyone can come straight in front of you in a fraction of a second. In this unexpected situation, the driver, with focus and attentiveness on the road, can divert his truck to avoid the collision.

Fatigue: Sometimes, truck drivers work for more than usual. They drive in a long stretch reaching fast. This can cause restlessness and lead to a catastrophic accident, which may further lead to fatalism.

Influence of liquor: Alcoholism is one of the most significant contributors to road accidents. The alcohol increases the reaction time and leads to heavy and devastating truck accidents. One can avoid a road accident if the driver avoids consuming liquor before riding a big rig.

Disobeying the traffic rules: The drivers should follow specific driving regulations to protect the people on the road. These rules can safeguard others with the truck drivers.

Speeding: The speedy motorways lure the truck drivers to ride it on a high note with amazing music bands. This makes the drivers cross the speed limit and find it hard to control the big rig in case of something unusual in the way an accident happens.

Miscellaneous: Various other reasons may contribute to a truck accident, including overloading and non-maintenance of the truck and its accessories.

Which are the most common types of truck accidents that happen in Houston?

Truck accidents are not unusual in Houston. It happens now and then. Houston and Texas have the maximum truck accidents across the states. 

Texas leads the country with a considerable margin by the next state. It has 137% more trucks accidents than the successive state of California across the US.

Let’s figure out the most common type of truck accidents in Houston:

Jackknife Accidents: These accidents are the most common truck accidents in Texas. In this type of accident, the truck skids, and the trailer swings out at the right angle with the truck. This type of accident resembles the blades of a jackknife. Therefore this is known as a jackknife accident. Hire a jackknife truck accident attorney in Houston, TX, for higher chances of legally immune and safeguarded monetary interests with a speedy recovery.

Jackknife Accidents

These accidents happen because of sharp turns, slippery roads, and driver negligence. To secure the chances of legal immune and protected interests, you need to hire a Houston jackknife truck accident lawyer like us. 

Rollover: High speed on the sharp curve can cause these kinds of accidents. The driver loses control because of the high speed, and an accident happens. 

Improper loading can be another reason for this kind of accident.

Blowout: This is another type of truck accident that can result in blowouts. The tire gets damaged with too much air pressure in the tire or puncture. 

Overloading and loss of air pressure from the tire can also result in this kind of accident.

Underride: When a truck stops suddenly, and the following vehicle hits it hard, the other vehicle gets beneath the truck, resulting in underride accidents. 

Side underride also comes under this category in which a vehicle gets beneath the massive truck from the side. According to the report of NBC News, more than 200 people die every year in underride accidents. It causes heavy damage to the victims.

You may need a Houston underride truck accident lawyer to safeguard your legal and monetary interests. Hire the best underride truck accident attorney in Houston, TX, from us to get the maximum compensation.

Lost Load: An improperly loaded truck sometimes leads the loads to fall off the back of the truck, which can turn dangerous to the following vehicles. The following vehicles have no time to react to the falling loads on their vehicles. 

Do I need a truck accident attorney?

Hiring a car accident attorney in Pearland, TX, doesn’t make sense instead of hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer in Houston. 

Do I need a truck accident attorney?

Truck accidents are different from the usual car accidents. So does the competence level of regular Slip and Fall Lawyers in Houston, Texas, personal injury lawyers, or truck accident lawyers in Houston. 

The intensity and force a truck hits can result in a catastrophic accident.

To handle the truck accident cases, you need to hire personal injury lawyers in Houston who are eligible and competent enough to win your cases.  If you comprehend the technicalities and complexities of truck accidents, hire us to serve you. We ensure you the maximum compensation in Houston. You can call us at 346-233-1350.