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What To Do If You Are Partially At Fault For A Car Accident

What To Do If You Are Partially At Fault For A Car Accident


Car accidents are more prone to cause damage/s to the victims. The victim gets compensated for the trauma and all the suffering that led to the extended degree of damage. The compensation is subject to the negligence of the other party.

But what if you caused the accident? In such a case, what should be your further course of action? Can you get legal support in such cases?

This article is all about the same. We tend to enlighten you with the best possible ways to ensure you get peace of mind and get you over the guilt and stress.

Let’s figure it out.

The Houston car accident injury lawyer doesn’t stand for the victims; it can also help the people at fault. Hiring and discussing your case with a legal advisor can help. The legal firm regularly comes across such cases and can guide you in the best way possible.

What to do after you cause a car accident?

First thing first, stay calm. Don’t leave the scene of the accident. If you feel tempted to run away from the accident site, you may face the consequences of getting arrested for the hit-and-run case. Exchange the contact details with the other people involved in the accident with your insurance policy details.

According to Texas law, it is vital to report the accident to the authorities if it results in injuries, death, or property damage that exceeds $ 1000.

Calling 911 is another thing you should consider. Don’t converse with the people around you about the accident. It is possible to respond to some of the victims with a sorry, but it can put you in crisis. Don’t accept your negligence. It may help you in a court of law.

Avoid accepting your mistake even after the medical assistance and police arrive at the scene. Stay polite and grounded, and state what leads you to this state of the accident. Do not utter anything like ‘I was distracted’ or ‘I hit the other car’.

The collection of evidence is an important thing to do. Collect the contact names and insurance information of the people involved in the accident. Also, collect some of the witnesses’ contact details.

What if you are partially at fault?

That is why you should discuss your accident case in-depth with a pearland car accident attorney. The lawyer can investigate the case with the help of relevant evidence to find out whether you can get the compensation or not. 

Texas falls under the modified comparative fault state, meaning that if you are at fault but your fault is less accountable than the other party, you are entitled to compensation. In this case, the percentage of the fault is calculated by the jury or the insurance agency.

For example, you have 40% of the fault that causes an accident with damages worth $ 10,000; in that case, you can get $ 6,000. The parties look forward to compensation for their losses but only in case they are less at fault than the other parties.

Your fault in contributing to the accident can reduce your chances of getting compensation. A car accident lawyer can help you with the right advice about the best step forward in such cases.

Your Insurance Policy

Once you encounter a car accident, you must go through the options your insurance policy offers. It varies from one state to another. It is imperative to comprehend your insurance options completely.

There are fault-based and no-fault states.

No-Fault States

There are eleven No-fault states in the US. No fault states offer an entire claim for your medical bills and loss of pay, whether you are responsible for an accident or not.

Fault-based States

In fault-based states, your insurance company may use your fault for the accident to reduce the settlement amount in case the company claims you are also responsible for the crash.

If you or your loved ones come across such car accidents for which you are also partially responsible, immediately contact best accident attorney houston at Houston car accident lawyer by calling us at 346-233-1350, or you can visit us at https://www.houstoncaraccidentlawyers.co/.

You must connect to the right people for car accident cases and secure fair compensation. We are not just fighting for the compensation for which other parties are at fault. We also provide legal remedies to those who are partially at fault for the accident.

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